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4 Minimally Invasive Ways to Get a Smile You’ll Love

6th March 2024

Lots of people have anxiety about going to the dentist. These worries and fears often develop at a young age and are carried with us through our lives. You may feel able to come in to see us for checkups, but the idea of receiving treatment may feel uncomfortable, and you’d only have it if absolutely necessary. 

But at the same time, you might dislike things about your smile. You may have misaligned teeth, have gaps in your smile, or it may appear overcrowded. Staining and discolouration could cause you to hide your teeth from view, while chips, cracks, and misshapen teeth could make you avoid smiling altogether. 

While you long to fix these unwanted problems with the appearance of your smile, worrying about procedures puts you off. However, would you still feel the same if we told you there were minimally invasive treatments for all these issues?

At Durham Dental, we provide a full range of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that enhance the natural beauty of your smile. Some of these procedures don’t use tools, and anaesthetic is often unnecessary. Here are four simple treatments to improve your smile. 

1. Straighter Teeth With Invisalign

Issues with the position of your teeth don’t just harm your confidence —they can also affect your oral health in the long term. Often, it’s difficult to clean teeth that are crowded, crooked, or unevenly spaced and bacteria and food particles can become trapped, increasing the risk of decay and gum disease. 

Teeth straightening with fixed braces means wearing brackets and wires fixed to your smile for months or even years. The wires are tightened during appointments. This may put you off this type of treatment. Thankfully, there’s another option. 

Invisalign is a clear aligner system. You’ll wear a transparent plastic tray that’s purpose-made for your smile. The beauty of Invisalign is you can take your aligner out easily at any time. There’s no procedure to place it, and it’s comfortable to wear. 

If you wear your aligner for 22 hours each day, you’ll get a straighter smile, and any crowded teeth or gaps will be fixed. 

During your Invisalign treatment, you’ll get multiple new aligners. Each one is unique and is tailored to move your teeth exactly where they need to be. 

The process of getting your smile measured up for aligners is easy too. We do everything with a digital scanner, so there’s no discomfort. 

2. Whiter Teeth With Enlighten 

Over time, a bright white smile can lose its sparkle. Staining and discolouration can leave your smile looking faded and dull. If this sounds like you, teeth whitening will help. 

We use Enlighten Evolution, an at-home whitening treatment that gets your smile looking radiant from the comfort of your own sofa. We’ll create bespoke whitening trays for a specially formulated gel that brightens teeth. Wear these nightly for two to three weeks, and your smile will change to a natural and perfect shade of white. 

This treatment is safe, convenient, and very straightforward. 

3. Imperfection-Free Teeth With Composite Bonding

Composite bonding isn’t a dental treatment that gets much press, but it’s one of the most patient-friendly — and it can work wonders for your smile. 

We use this treatment to repair damaged teeth. It’s perfect for chipped and cracked teeth as well as any that are naturally misshapen. Sometimes called cosmetic, or tooth bonding, the procedure is painless and doesn’t need an anaesthetic. 

The process involves applying a colour-matched resin directly to the areas of your teeth we want to improve. This is then sculpted and smoothed until it seamlessly merges into the tooth. Once we’re happy with the look, we harden the resin with a special light. Finally, we smooth off any rough edges. 

4. Immaculate Teeth With Dental Veneers

Many problems we’ve discussed are easily addressed with porcelain veneers. We place These delicate shells over each tooth to give it a brighter, uniform look. We can fix damaged or misshapen teeth, make them look brighter and healthier, and we can even close small gaps and make slightly misaligned teeth appear straighter. 

Veneer placement involves removing a small amount of enamel from the surface of each tooth. We’ll give you an anaesthetic first. Then, we’ll craft and place your custom veneers, bonding them firmly in place. 

Get the Perfect Smile With Minimally Invasive treatments at Durham Dental

Getting the smile of your dreams doesn’t need to involve uncomfortable treatments. We provide several simple and effective minimally invasive options that require very little chair time. Get in touch with us today to arrange a consultation.

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