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Today, we’re all looking for the fastest and least invasive treatments for improving how our teeth look.

Composite bonding is an example of such a treatment, giving you your smile back in as little as 1 hour.

The Treatment

Step 1) Assessment – We will examine the affected tooth and explain how we will build it up and restore its aesthetic, using composite resin.

Step 2) Preparation – The tooth is roughened and etched with a special gel, primers and resins. The composite is then added gradually, and carefully shaped in place.

Step 3) Finishing touches – A UV light is used to harden the material in place and give your tooth that unmistakable shine.

The benefits of treatment

  • It only takes one visit. Composite bonding for multiple teeth in a smile transformation may be subject to a planning visit for a trial smile.
  • No anaesthetic is needed to carry out the treatment.
  • Minimally invasive solution for improving the appearance of individual teeth.


Composite bonding vs Veneers: what’s the difference?
Composite bonding and veneers often draw comparisons, as both treatments work to achieve the same end goal: restoring individual teeth.

Whilst composite bonding is less invasive (no tooth enamel needs to be removed in order to perform treatment) it’s a less long-term solution than veneers, but it is a good first step to improving your smile.

Should you opt for composite, your tooth will require regular maintenance, such as resurfacing and polishing. Veneers on the other hand, do not stain as much and constitute a longer-term solution for improving your smile.

During your assessment, we can talk you through the key differences between these treatments, so that you can decide on what’s right for you.

Does composite bonding require anaesthetic?
Anaesthetic is sometimes required during the composite bonding process. If you’re feeling nervous about having anaesthetic, we can offer dental sedation to help you feel relaxed whilst the treatment is being carried out.

Will my new tooth look natural?
The composite bonding process allows us to gradually layer the composite material, which encapsulates the subtleties of real tooth enamel. This results in a highly authentic reproduction of your tooth.

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