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Make your smile light up again with the popular cosmetic dental treatment that is, teeth whitening.

Here at Durham Dental Implant Suite, we offer teeth whitening treatments from two market-leading brands.

Enlighten Evolution™

Enlighten Evolution™ combines the use of an at-home kit and in-chair whitening. Considered the gold standard in teeth whitening treatment, Enlighten Evolution™ is the only brand that provides a promise to achieve a B1 shade.

Boutique Whitening™

Boutique Whitening™ is an at-home teeth whitening treatment. Simply wear your whitening trays for the number of hours recommended by your dentist each day, and watch your smile become gradually whiter over time.


Why do my whitening trays need to be bespoke?
Only dentists can create bespoke whitening trays for patients; these trays play a significant role in the protection of your gums during treatment. As they’re made to measure, the whitening gel should not come into contact with your gums.

You should always approach a reputable dental practice to have your teeth whitened, and avoid over-the-counter treatments in order to keep your gums safe throughout. When overseen by a dentist, teeth whitening is an extremely transformative treatment that brightens a tired-looking smile.

I have sensitive teeth: am I suitable?
Both the Enlighten Evolution™ and Boutique Whitening™ system have been formulated to be compatible with patients who struggle with sensitivity. Should you find you’re experiencing sensitivity during your treatment we can give you a desensitising gel to apply to your teeth.

How long do the results last?
The results of your whitening treatment will depend on how vigilant you are with what you eat and drink, and with your oral hygiene routine. Smoking is also a significant contributor to stained teeth. If you’re looking to quit, please let us know so we can help support your efforts to do this.

By adhering to good habits, there’s no reason why your results can last for several years, and with your custom whitening trays, you can top up your whitening on a regular basis.

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