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Gum disease is the primary reason for premature tooth loss in adults here in the U.K.

In most cases, it’s completely preventable and if caught early, can be reversible.  Hygienist visits are indispensable for the management of gum disease and for helping you practice good oral hygiene on an ongoing basis.

The importance of removing plaque

Gum disease is caused by plaque, which builds up along your gum line and hardens over time. Even people with model brushing and eating habits will develop some small degree of plaque and calculus, which is why it’s important for adults of all ages to see the hygienist every 6-12 months.

Leaving plaque unremoved will lead to unpleasant symptoms such as gum inflammation, bad breath and loose teeth. Serious cases of gum disease (known as periodontitis) can result in tooth loss and even wider health problems like heart disease and diabetes.


I visit the dentist – why do I need a hygienist?
Dentists and hygienists play different roles in the management of your dental health. Whilst a dentist focuses on your teeth, hygienists care for your gums. When your gums are affected by gum disease, they cease to be a good home for your teeth. In severe cases, advanced gum disease causes tooth loss so it’s incredibly important that you visit regularly alongside your dentist visits.

Can my hygienist advise me on diet and brushing technique?
Absolutely. We’re very enthusiastic about educating patients on how they can improve their brushing and flossing technique and we are fully behind you if you’re looking to cull habits like eating too much sugar, drinking too much alcohol and smoking. Cutting such habits out can make a world of difference to your gum health.

How does a hygienist remove plaque?
Special instruments are used to diligently remove the plaque and calculus from your gum line. We strongly advise against trying to remove calculus on your own at home, as this could cause irrevocable damage and pain.

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