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Missing teeth are no laughing matter. In fact, having missing teeth can even stop you from laughing and smiling altogether.

There are so many advantages that come with replacing missing teeth as soon as possible, from better chewing and biting function to increased confidence and jawbone preservation.

We offer multiple tooth replacement treatments including:

What’s so special about dental implants?

Dental implants are a first-class solution to replacing missing teeth.

Implants integrate with your jawbone when they are surgically placed and left to heal. After the healing period, your implant becomes a fixed anchor point in the jaw bone, used to secure crowns and bridges.

Unlike removable dentures, implant-based treatments feel secure when you eat, speak and chew. Cast aside any worries that your dentures or bridge might slip, as your implant retained teeth will be firmly in place.

This important connection between the jawbone and the implant also helps the jawbone to stay active rather than receding away, due to lack of stimulation. It’s very common for patients with missing teeth or patients with non-implant supported restorations to suffer from a hollow appearance in the cheek area, and an elongated facial aesthetic due to loss of bone in the jaw.

Durham Dental Implant Suite: Excellence in dental implants

Our purpose-built dental practice is the ideal place to have dental implant treatment performed.

We’ve invested in the very latest technologies, which allow for impression-free dentistry, rendering your treatment journey fluid and easy. With our CBCT scanner, we’re able to meticulously plan your implant treatment for the most predictable outcome possible.

As part of our personalised service and commitment to outstanding patient care, you will have a contact at the practice who will guide you through your implant journey, every step of the way. Everything we do is about helping you to feel comfortable, confident and valued as a patient and as an individual.

Dr Jas Jandoo has spent the last 10 years of her career placing and restoring dental implants, in addition to working as a general dentist. In recent years, Dr Jas has invested her time partaking in advanced dental implant training. She is also experienced in carrying out procedures such as bone grafts and sinus lifts, which allow patients with insufficient bone density to undergo life-changing dental implant treatment.

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